19 Designer Fails We Can’t Believe Someone Actually Approved

Have you noticed that some designers do their jobs and follow through with a specific task without really thinking about it? Very often, they don’t even use any common sense or logic! For example, a client asks them to make a girl’s smile bigger. So, the designers just do what they were asked to and create masterpieces, like number 19 in this article.

1. Such a flexible girl!

© Omega_Hamster / reddit

2. Why is there a road and clouds on the roof of the bus? Also, the driver seems a little off balance.

© Vernixoo / reddit

3. One of these toys has its mouth above its nose and the other one has its tongue on its chin.

© yonitinoy / reddit© daydreaming_doofus / reddit

4. This case is not inside out. The handles stop the zippers from closing all the way.

© aFourthLinePlug / reddit

5. Why is she putting butter on her hand?

© eemeli7093 / reddit

6. “Who thought that silver text on yellow packaging was a good idea? I guess it’s a mystery serum!”

© WickedAmbiguous / reddit

7. This is not how bows work.

© MrLoupak / reddit

8. Somehow Spider-Man is able to keep a hot drink in his cup while upside down.

© Speeider / reddit

9. A measuring scale — but on a non-transparent bottle

© supermemetape / reddit

10. “My hammock says it’s made for 1 person but it has a picture of 2.”

© CrispyBacon_52 / reddit

11. “I was shopping for a ceiling fan and found this giant beauty.”

© Luutamo / reddit

12. “We’ll whiten ALL your teeth.”

We’ll whiten ALL your teeth
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13. “Graphic design is my passion.”

© Squirrel_Scratch / reddit

14. This is a case where designers don’t care about proportions. Look at the tiny pots and the giant berries.

© amazon

15. Menu at a Thai restaurant

© HELLO_I_AM_THE_BEAR / reddit

16. This is a weird name for a pizza place

© Izuku-Midoriyaaaa / reddit

17. Ah yes, through the power of dark magic, this waffle maker can somehow produce a pumpkin pattern.

© CrackaDon_YT / reddit

18. “Is it a duck, a stork, or a turkey? Answer: Yes.”

© PhillipSwiftopher / reddit

19. “Yes, now it looks amazing. It’s OK to print.”

© OuiOuiBaguette420 / reddit

20. We wonder what music he’s listening to.

© starving-painter / reddit