18 Photos That Prove People Treat Women Wearing Makeup Differently

13. “When I’m wearing a full face of makeup, most women will gravitate toward me and generally trust my opinions on general matters. Men, on the other hand, will definitely stare and don’t see or hear the value in what I’m saying. I feel more heard without cosmetics on.”


14. “I feel perfectly the same. I’d rather say when I am not wearing makeup some people would still come up to me and comment on my makeup. I constantly have to tell people whether or not I am wearing makeup.”


15. “In the right photo, I’m at a college party where most of the guys there claimed it was the first time they’d seen me but the truth is, they have — I just didn’t have makeup on.”


16. “Girls, mostly strangers, treat me differently without makeup. This is quite frustrating because we should be lifting each other up.”

“While shopping and wearing makeup, sale assistants happily approach me, asking me what I like and my size or color preference. But when I’m just wearing my normal face, they don’t even greet me when I enter the shop.”


17. “My husband has always preferred me without makeup. I wear it very rarely but when I do, he doesn’t like it because he says it’s not ’me.’”


18. “I don’t use cosmetics. When my mom starts to tell me, ’Put on some mascara! You look so beautiful with it,’ I feel uncomfortable.”