18 People That Changed Their Hairstyles, and Got Incredibly Happy or Terribly Disappointed

Going to a beauty salon is bound to brighten your mood. Some people love their new cuts and hairstyles, but some get a hairdresser that doesn’t even try to do a good job. And for some people, new hair colors or totally new hair shapes mark the beginning of a new life.

1. “A Reddit thread is totally ‘to blame’ for this. Saw a before pic of her that looked like my hair, then saw her after pic with an edgy, shaggy cut. I haven’t changed my hair for years, and I was thrilled today to follow suit and really change it up. Thanks, girl!”

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2. “Right, is a salon someone recommended to me, left, was an actual good place. Never going there again… In love with my hair now.”

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3. “Finally at the length I’ve wanted since forever. Also it makes for great insulation on colder days.”

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4. “Curtain bangs baby!! I’m in love with my new style.”

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5. “I got it to celebrate the end of exams — definitely makes me feel like a real-life cartoon character.”

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6. Practice makes perfect: One month and 11 days later…

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7. “I finally had the courage to cut my hair and I’m loving it a bit too much now.”

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8. The magic power of a good haircut

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9. “Throwback to one year ago when I gave my 8-year-old sister some Ombre curls and she decided to be a literal model about it.”

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10. “Second time donating hair, decided to go even shorter”

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11. “I love my job! I was initially really sad to cut the length (I can’t even grow mine to my bra line) but once we chopped it, I realized she was meant for short hair.”

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12. “Looking like an anime character when I dry my hair”

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13. “Had a rough year. Overall a rough decade if we are being honest. I hadn’t cut or colored my hair in almost 2 years because of my low mental health state. So I decided to start the new decade off right, and finally forced myself to go get my hair done. I feel really good for once.”

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14. “I convinced my husband 2 1/2 years ago to grow out his naturally gray hair from a buzz cut to now (he’s 49). Here’s the result!”

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15. “I adore drying my hair in braids! My hair is naturally flat, so having curls makes me so happy.”

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16. “Been wanting a shaved head since high school and finally made the jump at 26. Wanted to go into 2020 a little lighter and loving it so far.”

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17. “Cut off almost 20 inches… I really, really regret it. Thought it would make me look taller and more my age (20 years old, 5 foot) but now people tell me I look super young and I just don’t feel like myself anymore.”

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18. “Allowed a beauty school student to ‘take just 2 inches, please’ in September. After many months and a cut to even it out, it’s finally almost back to the length it was.”

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