15 Girls Who Showed How “No-Makeup” Makeup Can Change Your Face

Natural beauty has always been in style, so the popularity of natural makeup doesn’t depend on fashion trends. The main rule of “no-makeup” makeup is to highlight the advantages and hide the flaws in such a way that no one will notice.

“I want to try to be naturally pretty instead of applying a lot of makeup to look pretty. I love red lips and dark liner, but I feel I need to start embracing how I look.”


“My everyday makeup: My brows are the most important part of my face since they change everything.”


“I used to have a severe case of perioral dermatitis that ruined my self-esteem for a long time. So it’s always so nice to hear pleasant things about my appearance.”


“My 10-minute ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. I spend about 1-2 minutes on my brows, and less than a minute on my lips and to apply mascara. The majority of the 10 minutes is spent on my skincare routine.”


“I did my 60-year-old grandma’s makeup. It was so much fun.”


“I just can’t live without a highlighter on the inner corners of my eyes. I feel like it instantly distracts attention from my dark circles.”