14 Unexpected Moments From Our Favorite Movies We Didn’t Notice at All

Attentive viewers continue to find hidden details in movies that have somehow remained unnoticed. For example, have you ever paid attention to what color range the movie “Home Alone” has? Or did you know that the Friends TV series and Spider-Man movie are connected?

  • There is one interesting detail in the Home Alone movie that was spotted by journalist Claire Reilly. The McCallister’s home has been excessively decorated for Christmas. And it’s not just with Christmas trees, toys, and tinsel, but even in the interior design. Red and green dominate the home, even down to the counter tops and cabinets in the kitchenWalls, flower pots, furniture, the home phone, and even the clothes of the characters are in these 2 colors. It seems that the creators of the movie decided to make it as festive and as Christmassy as possible. We bet you never noticed this detail before.
  • There is one more interesting detail in the movie. Do you remember when the McCallisters got on the plane and Kevin’s mother started to feel worried that they had forgotten something? At that moment Mr. McCallister decided to calm his spouse down and agreed with her right away saying he had forgotten to close the garage. Later we see that he really did forget to do it.


  • Do you remember when, in the Friends TV series, Monica had to work in a restaurant where she was supposed to wear fake breasts and a wig? Funny enough, Mary Jane in the Spider-Man movie also worked at the same place.


  • In the last part of Harry Potter, we can see a tattoo on Lucius Malfoy’s neck. It’s the number he got while being imprisoned in Azkaban.


  • In the Reservoir Dogs movie, Steve Buscemi’s hero doesn’t leave tips for waiters. In the Pulp Fiction movie, the actor plays a waiter who serves Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega. Both movies were directed by Quentin Tarantino. That’s the karma that exists in his movie universe!


  • In one of the episodes of the second part of Hotel Transylvania, a wedding photo appears of Mavis and Jonathan. However, there is only Mavis’s silhouette in it, because she is a vampire.


  • In the Back to the Future Part II movie, the cinema poster shows the name of the director of Jaws 19, which is Max Spielberg. That’s Steven Spielberg’s son’s name, who was born the same year as the movie was released. He didn’t become a director though.