14 Life Hacks for Women Who Want to Live in Comfort

In today’s busy life, being able to save time can be a valuable asset, and that includes beauty routines. Forget about having to change tights because they ripped 5 times before you could even leave for work. Many women have shared tips and tricks online to overcome these daily challenges and they’re so simple, you’ll ask yourself why you never thought to do them before.

Prevent runs in your tights by spraying them with hairspray.

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Easily open stuck nail polish bottles with a rubber band.

Never lose bobby pins again by storing them in an old Tic Tac container.

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Use a special bridal buddy to comfortably use the bathroom on your wedding day

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Keep your bra straps in place by using this simple device.

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Use a staple remover to add keys to your key ring without breaking a nail.

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Put old mascara in a glass of hot water to get it going again.

Put a panty liner in your heels to combat slipping.

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A post-it can work too!

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Use socks and a hair dryer to stretch out and break in your new flats in just a few minutes.

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 Dryer sheets are the perfect way to remove static from your hair without making it greasy.

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Hang your tops or scarves using shower curtain rings on a hanger for easy storage.

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Turn old, torn tights into super-stretchy headbands that are perfect for sports.

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Line the skin around your nails with Vaseline before applying nail polish to make clean-up easier.

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Which one of these hacks is your favorite? Do you know any women who might benefit from knowing these great tips? Or do you have another great hack to share with our female readers?