14 Facts That Reveal Very Unexpected Aspects of The World

7. The inscription on the label “Does not contain cholesterol” is just a publicity stunt.

The inscription on the label “Does not contain cholesterol” that you can often see on a package of vegetable oil, is merely a publicity stunt. Cholesterol can be found in animal fats only.

8. A mother’s milk can change its composition.

Mother’s milk can change when a baby gets sick. Researchers think that when a baby is sick, their saliva transmits a signal about the sickness to the mother’s body. As the result, the mother’s body produces more milk with specific antibodies.


10. Cats have their own navigation system.

Studies have shown that the cats’ brain cells are very sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field. They give cats directional information like a built-in compass. That’s why cats can easily find their way home wherever they are.

10. Cockroaches can bite.

In most cases, cockroaches don’t bite people when they have their own food. However, it can happen. Their bites can lead to irritation and swelling.

11. Your beard threatens to make you bald.

Research has shown that the bushier a man’s beard is and the longer he wears it, the more likely it is that he will be bald. The main reason why men go bald is that the absence of hair on the scalp compensates for the heat created by wearing a beard. Thus, your body provides the optimum thermal balance.

12. An hourglass body shape is an indicator of high intelligence.

A study including the participation of over 16,000 women showed that females who have hourglass body shapes can claim to have a higher intelligence than those who do not. This is due to the fact that women with such figures produce more omega-3 fats that foster brain development and prevent premature aging.

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