14 Facts That Reveal Very Unexpected Aspects of The World

Scientists annually conduct a lot of different studies and, as a result, we find out more unexpected facts about our wonderful world. For example, did you know that the bushier a man’s beard is and the longer he wears it, the more likely it is that he will be bald?

1. The hearts of lovers beat in sync.

When a person is in love, their heart beats to the same rhythm as their partner’s heart. The study also showed that a woman will unconsciously try to get her heartbeat and her breathing rhythm to match her partner’s. It is believed that such a thing can happen due to the fact that people have intuitively learned to imitate the heartbeat of their partner for the sake of a stronger bond.

2. Serial complainers live longer.

There is some research that indicates that people who complain all the time and aren’t happy about their life, in general, live longer than those who do the opposite. This is because serial complainers whine to relieve stress. That’s why the next time that someone with tears in their eyes complains to you about how miserable their life is, you can do the same thing.

3. Only 22% of people can move their ears.

People who are able to move their ears belong to the minority. Some people can do it along with raising their eyebrows. To be exact, only 22% of the world’s population can move each ear separately and only 18% can move them simultaneously.


4. Watermelon snow exists in nature.

In certain areas like the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, you can see watermelon snow. It’s pink in color and it tastes and smells like a real watermelon. This phenomenon can be explained by the presence of seaweed (Chlamydomonas nivalis) that contains a red color pigment called astaxanthin.

5. Pathologically humorous

Sometimes, certain damages of the human brain can lead to excessive joking and this is considered to be a neurological disease. In this case, being funny and humorous is thought to be pathological.

6. Men can experience PMS too.

To be more precise, they have IMS — a syndrome that is connected to a low level of testosterone in the blood. Irritability, depression, and withdrawal result from the lack of this hormone in a man’s body.