14 Body Signs That Show He’s Totally Into You

Like anything else in this world, the era of modern technology has both its advantages and disadvantages. Having shifted most of our communication online, we’re starting to lack the ability to read people’s true feelings as well as express those feelings, especially when it comes to love. The good news is that our gestures can say a lot for us while the ability to read body signals can open up curtains to the truth.

1. Lifting the eyebrows

Does he raise his eyebrows whenever he sees you? If he likes you, he likes everything that he sees and hears from you and subconsciously wants more of you. That’s the reason he opens his eyes more widely and as a result, his eyebrows raise too.


2. Moist hands

Clammy hands might be a sign that he’s feeling hot or that he’s nervous when you’re around. He might be scared to make a wrong move and ruin everything or say something dull that can also frighten you off. All this leads to an increased level of nervousness and as a result, wet hands.


3. Leaning toward you

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Though this may be an obvious sign, it says a lot. The situation is different when you’re spending time in a noisy or crowded bar but if he hears you perfectly but still leans his body toward you, it means he wants to hear everything you say and not miss a word.


4. Pressing your palm

If you notice him pressing your palm against his, it shows his inner desire to connect with you even more. Interlocked fingers have the same meaning.


5. Spreading his legs

This gesture could be a sign of trust (or bad manners). This position is vulnerable for men and by sitting this way, he shows his trust toward you on the condition that he’s not making you feel uncomfortable. Why would he do it if he wasn’t interested in you?


6. Deep breaths

Does he take deep breaths whenever he sees you? Not only does the reason hide in his need to receive more oxygen but it’s also in his wish to make his chest look bigger and his waist smaller. He tries to subconsciously look attractive to you because he is already into you.