13 Psychological Facts That Can Make Your Life Easier

More than a million scientific articles are published every year, with research in psychology greatly contributing to this number. While research studies in psychology are not an easy read for everybody, the obtained results can be of use in everyday life and help you to increase your motivation, become a better communicator, improve your relationships with others, and lead a healthier life.

1. Self-confidence is more important than appearance.

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Multiple studies show that for men, being confident and supportive is more important than being handsome, as demonstrated by women’s judgments of men’s attractiveness. In fact, couples that contain a female that is better looking than the male are more positive and supportive than the couples where the male is more handsome, or where the spouses have matching looks.


2. Men listen to women for 6 minutes only.

It is a fact: men do have selective hearing! They can listen attentively to their female partners for 6 minutes only, while this time is more than doubled to 15 minutes when they are talking to their male friends. Before you start blaming men for their lack of attention, you should know that women also pay more attention in conversations with their friends rather than with their romantic partners.


3. Writing down your thoughts reduces stress.

More than one study has demonstrated that writing about your traumatic experiences improves your emotional state, reduces anxiety, and helps you break free from a depressing life event. Anxiety-prone people who wrote about their feelings before taking an important test performed better than those who had not written anything down prior to the exam.

Another popular way to reduce stress is by eating, which isn’t a beneficial practice. Stress eating can easily get out of control and turn into binge eating, making you feel even sadder because of the guilt you often feel afterward.


4. Sing the end of a song to get it out of your head.

Very often, we get a song we don’t even like stuck in our heads. There is an easy trick to get rid of the annoyance: listen to the song until the very end to achieve a sense of closure. The reason why this helps is that the so-called “earworm” is on repetitive loop and finishing the song helps you to get rid of it.


5. Playing video games makes you the master of your dreams.

If you want to be the master of your dreams and make them more vivid and easy to control, you have to start playing video games since both video games and night dreams represent alternate realities. Another excuse to play games? You can use it to control nightmares!


6. People with car stickers are more quick-tempered.

It’s hard to believe, but people with road rage tend to have a higher number of bumper stickers on their cars, regardless of their content. People with a large number of stickers were more likely to engage in road rage, with stickers predicting angry behavior better than the car’s value or its condition.