12 Realistic Comics on How Hard It Is Being a Girl In Summer

Makeup that gets runny five minutes after you put it on, red marks on the thighs…these are just some of the problems the beautiful half of humanity faces during the summer.

So you got slimmer? Someone clearly forgot to inform your thighs about it!

As for those “special women’s days”? They just don’t care that it’s your first beach vacation in two years.

All sandals have one common drawback…

Summer shorts come in two types and two types only…

“Wouldn’t I look romantic in a billowing skirt?!” Trust us – you don’t want to find out!

If only the hair on our head grew as fast as the hair on our legs..

Bad posture: your worst enemy in hot weather!

Wearing rings in the summer resembles a medieval torture.

It’s not just men your wonderful floral perfume is likely to attract…

Proper makeup in the summer? Forget it!

Jumpsuits are really cool…until you decide to go to the bathroom!

It looks like swimsuit manufacturers have never heard of the “golden mean.”