12 Photos Proving Fathers Are Girls’ Best Friends

Scientists from Emory University (USA) found out that the fathers of little girls are more attentive and responsive than the fathers of boys. And it’s not surprising because a daughter for every man is a little princess that should be taken care of. Moreover, a father becomes his daughter’s best friend and the photos in this article are the best proof of that.

Fathers can make any birthday magical.

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You always feel protected behind him.

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Fathers who have daughters are always well-groomed.

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Daddy’s beard is the perfect place for her to perfect her hairstyling skills.

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Fathers support their daughter’s craziest ideas.

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You can go on a fascinating trip with your father.

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Or come up with some funny activity at home.

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Even a simple rainy afternoon turns into an adventure with him.

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He is always ready to support and cheer you up.

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Fathers always show their best manners to their princesses.

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Every dad wishes the best for his daughter because she is the whole world for him.

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Even the whole universe.

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