11 Ways Optical Illusions Can Help You Look Slimmer in Your Clothes

Can you imagine being able to look magically leaner with just a few adjustments to your outfit? While it appears to be some kind of sorcery, optical illusions are not just a style for visual arts, but they can also serve as a fun and practical fashion tool. With the right technique and a little creativity, you can create harmonious proportions in your everyday outfits.

1. Use darker colors to slim down the biggest parts of your body.

If you want to make any specific part of your body look smaller, darker colors are the best choice. But this only works if you wear a lighter color in your outfit as well. This happens because shapes in darker colors seem smaller in comparison to the lighter ones. For example, to slim down the top half of your body, wear a black shirt with white pants. The contrasting colors will make the top of your body look smaller than the bottom.


2. Vertical lines create a slimming effect.

When you wear vertical stripes, your body automatically looks thinner. But it’s good to remember that the more vertical lines you use in your outfit, the longer the silhouette will appear. This means that you should choose clothes with smaller stripes that have less space between them. A good tip for larger hips is to wear pants and skirts with side panels since the lines will divert attention from that area.


3. Horizontal lines make a certain part of your body stand out.

You’ve probably heard before that you should always avoid horizontal lines in an outfit. They sure can make you look larger but there’s a “right way” to wear them that proves to be quite flattering. Try wearing the stripes over areas as a way to create a balance with the rest of your body. For example, if you want your bust to look larger, that’s where the stripes should be! If you’re a curvy woman, horizontal stripes are also great for emphasizing your shape.


4. Combining vibrant colors to create the illusion of an entirely different body shape

Color blocking is a trend that has been around since the 1960s and is a bold way to create fashion optical illusions. It consists of wearing vibrant and contrasting colors, placed strategically through lines and geometric paterns to change the appearence of your silhouette. To reshape your body, choose dresses with dark cutouts, geometrical shapes, and opposite colors.


5. Asymmetrical lines are great if you’re trying to conceal your stomach.

Diagonal stripes make your eyes travel a long way from one point to another which is why using asymmetrical lines in an outfit can make you appear leaner — they make your silhouette look longer. If your belly is not your favorite body part, this is a trick that can make you look more elegant.


6. A horizontal stripe placed on the upper or lower part of your body can also make you look leaner.

This may seem controversial, but placing a horizontal line on the top or bottom of your body can actually make you look taller. This happens because of this rule: the longer your eyes travel vertically until they find a horizontal line, the longer the silhouette appears. Try skirts and dresses with a big bright stripe on the bottom. Tops with this detail on the shoulder-level might work as well.