11 Pieces of Jewelry That Are Too Outdated to Wear in 2020

It’s possible to add something interesting to your look or highlight your uniqueness using jewelry, but you have to make sure that it is still trendy. How can you identify jewelry that is outdated? In this article, you will find a full list of the anti-trends of 2020 and good replacements for them.

1. Headbands

Thin headbands with rhinestones is a trend from 2012, but for some reason, you can still buy them in almost any accessory store. If you want to make your look more modern and trendy, try looking at Fendi models who wear leather or velvet headbands on the backs of their heads.


2. One ring

In 2020, it is not trendy to wear thin rings with small gems and it’s not trendy to have just one ring on your hand. More geometric-looking gems in different colors, like the ones sold by Brandon MaxwellFendi, and Alexander McQueen, deserve your attention.


3. Multi-layered bracelets

Designers like Stella McCartneyAlexander McQueenBrandon Maxwell, and Dolce & Gabbana decided to make the 2020 Spring-Summer season as practical as possible and replace the multi-layered bracelets with small purses, and they suggest using these holders for IDs, cards, and maybe even glasses. This is a great solution because we never have enough pockets.


4. A big pendant on a chain

Fashion houses like ZimmermannPyer MossOff-WhiteAlexander McQueen, and Vivienne Westwood claim that the new season is not the time for thin chains with big pieces of jewelry on them. They are being replaced with massive chains.


5. Stars

Stars are being replaced with spheres Bottega VenetaKenzoOscar de la RentaBalenciagaValentino, and Ann Demeulemeester presented different spheres made of metal, glass, and wood. The designers got inspired by planets, the globe, magic balls, and Christmas decorations, so much so that any girl will be able to find what she likes.


6. Coins

A couple of years ago, the trend of wearing coins appeared, but in this season love beats money. Big, and sometimes even huge, hearts were shown on almost every model in the collections of Saint LaurentAlexander McQueenBalenciagaMarc Jacobs, and Chanel.