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10 Psychological Hacks for Those Who Lack Confidence

7. Mark your achievements

Make a diary of your achievements and write down new things every day. And don’t just write down the really big things. Mark every step toward your goal, even if it seems small. For example, “had oatmeal for breakfast,” “read 20 pages of my book,” and so on.

When you have multiple reasons to be proud of yourself, this will help to improve your confidence.


8. Think about the ideal “you.”

“What would a confident ‘me’ do in this situation?” This is a great question you should ask yourself from time to time. Especially when you are going to do something that takes confidence.

You don’t need to go out and start talking to the most attractive man in the street. Start small: smile at a stranger. Send out your CV. And don’t worry about the consequences. Being ready to take both risks and responsibility is what every confident person needs to be able to do.


9. Talk to strangers.

Go to an event where you don’t know anybody and try to play the role of a confident person. You don’t need to be the star right away — this is difficult to do when you are surrounded by strangers. But you will feel more confident later.

Aside from that, try to start conversations with strangers in your everyday life. Be friendly with cashiers or talk to a waiter in a cafe. Remember, this might not work for everyone. If you feel really uncomfortable when talking to someone, you should stop the experiment.


10. Don’t waste your time on social media.

Don’t look at photos of people you know and compare them to yourself. This habit may seriously damage your self-esteem. Social media is where people compete at being successful. People only post beautiful pictures from amazing places. And there are very few people who take selfies at home while wearing their regular clothes and doing their regular chores.

Check your social media: unsubscribe from users who are constantly posting photos of themselves and let yourself take a break from this website or app.


Images Credit. Yekaterina Ragozina