10 Photos Proving That Women Totally Have Super Powers

According to science, all women have some superpowers that are not present in men: they can distinguish different shades of color, they have a stronger immune system, and they’re more empathic and intuitive than men are. They possess unique danger detecting abilities and can multitask seemingly effortlessly. The pictures in this list demonstrate the unique skills of women that make us admire them even more.

1. Running marathons in high heels

Wearing high heels is a skill unreachable for most men, but what about wearing them while running a marathon? Irene Sewell, a former ballroom dancer, set a marathon Guinness World Record by running 26.2 miles (43 km) in stilettos. She finished the race in 7 hours and 28 minutes.


2. Becoming a living spider-woman

The superpower of this girl from a small city in West Africa is the ability to climb any cliff or wall and make it look as if she is going for a stroll in the park. She acquired her climbing skills from her pet monkey, Georgie, when she was a child. She has now retired from professional competitive rock climbing but continues inspiring others by giving motivational speeches and organizing coaching seminars.


3. Being sporty with a little baby around

Mom and baby yoga classes have become increasingly popular lately. They demonstrate that working out is possible even when you have a little baby. This entertainment for 2 is one example of female multitasking — and remember, it’s not so easy to concentrate when somebody is tickling your foot.


4. Crashing cars and computers in a driving game

This is a reverse superpower: research shows that women are more likely to fail their first driving test, and usually admit that their partner is a better driver. Apparently, this is true even when the car is not a real one. At the same time, researchers agree that women have more appreciation for road safety, and are more careful when driving.


5. Being a record-breaking polar explorer and mother of 4

Ann Daniels is living proof that humans are able to achieve anything they want. She is the first woman in history to reach both the North and South Poles. This achievement sounds even more special when you know that she participated in her first polar exhibition with no prior experience when her triplets were only 18 months old.


6. Being beautiful at any cost

Beauty masks have to be left on the skin for some time. This beauty ritual does not interrupt women’s daily routines even if it means having to wear one while playing a computer game or taking care of a baby.