10 People Who Wanted to Look Like Their Favorite Celebrities but Went Too Far

7. Superman — Herbert Chavez

Superman fan from Philippines, Herbert Chavez, underwent 26 surgeries to transform into his comic book hero. He’s been collecting Superman action figures since he was 4, hoping that he’ll be just like him someday. His dream came true when he turned 37 and it took a lot of effort. Herbert is sure that it’s all totally worth it.


8. Kylie Jenner — Amira Boualleg

The youngest sister of the Kardashians — Kylie Jenner — has her own Instagram doppelgänger from France. Her name is Amira Boualleg. She is 16, lives in Paris, and says that people look at her as if they’ve already seen her somewhere. Just like Kylie, Amira loves cosmetics and hopes that someday she’ll be able to launch her own cosmetic brand.


9. Madonna — Adam Guerra

It took 12 years for Adam Guerra from Los Angeles to achieve his desire to look like the famous pop icon. He said it was all totally worth it. He became one of the most famous of all Madonna’s doppelgängers and he’s a regular star of the Venus D-Lite show.


10. Megan Fox — Cláudia Alende

Which of these 2 is the real Megan Fox? The one in the hat. Confused with their similarity? So are we. It seems like the Brazilian model Claudia Alende looks more like Megan than the actress herself does. Here’s another curious fact: Claudia has more than 2 million followers on Instagram which is twice as many as Megan Fox has.