10 Flirting Tips to Get the Boy You Like


Psycho is not attractive. You shouldn’t be a stalker. Don’t suddenly appear before him every time he’s alone. If he’s in a hurry and says he has to go, don’t linger and be sticky. After number exchanging, don’t text or call him as soon as you’re out of sight. Give him time to miss you. If he’s interested he will call, and if you make the first move and he doesn’t text or answer his phone, don’t keep trying constantly. Trust me 10 or 15 missed calls wouldn’t impress him too much!


And the last most important flirting tip, you should always be yourself! Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not just because you think that’s who he wants you to be. He must like you for you. People have quirks that make each person unique. That’s why be proud of your quirks and use them as your strengths. Be confident in yourself! Remember not every boy you like has to like you back. If he doesn’t respond the way you want him to, leave him and move on!

Follow these flirting tips and you’ll be a flirt expert in no time! Maybe you have some other flirting tricks. Please do share.

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