10 Flirting Tips to Get the Boy You Like


There’s so much things you can say with your eyes! But try to make eye contact while talking to him, it’s very important! I know it is hard, especially if you are shy, but try the next time you talk to him look into his eyes as if he means the world to you, it’ll make him feel much more connected to you. However, try not to stare. Constant stares can make him feel uncomfortable. Remember to pair eye contact up with a smile and occasionally let your eyes drift down to his lips.


Here are a few conversation tips you should know. Firstly, use his name while talking to him, it’ll add personal touch to the conversation and make him feel more comfortable. Secondly, remember that boys like to talk about themselves, ask him interesting questions. When he’s talking, listen to him and respond, even if you don’t know much about the topic at hand, try to say something to keep the conversation flowing.


Body language is an important part of communication. If you don’t know anything about body language, you should learn a few things. The first thing, don’t cross your arms, it makes you seem unapproachable and not too open. If you don’t know what to do with your hands, play with your hair or jewelry flirtatiously. But don’t overdo with it or you’re just going to seem nervous. Then, there’s the legendary hair flip, a flirting tip that’s as old as time itself. Recently I read that men find the neck of a woman extremely attractive. That’s why bend your head sideways as if listening attentively and expose your neck or move your hair to one side of the neck. And the last thing, slightly lean into him and speak softly to make sure he’s forced to do the same.


If you feel like you’re running out of things to say or that the conversation is weakening a little, it’s time to say goodbye. I know it’s the last thing you want to do but you should leave at a high point, this way he’ll look forward to your next meeting. Leave him wanting more of you!

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