10 Flirting Tips to Get the Boy You Like

You really like this boy but you don’t have any idea on how to flirt with him. You are constantly thinking about his fascinating dimples and those deep brown miraculous eyes. You want to get this guy, but you can’t take the first step because you’re afraid of making a fool of yourself. Learn these flirting tips, and believe me, you’ll easily get the boy you like.


This is one of the best flirting tips. If you see someone you like, you should make a point to look his way a couple of times hoping he catches you in the act. When he does, give him a secret smile, look at him for a few seconds, and look away. This lets him know that you’re interested, but don’t get caught looking at him too often no matter how pretty he is.


If you dare to go talk to him, you should keep it playful. Flirting must be fun! Smile, but make sure that your smile isn’t fake. Your smile should be genuine, warm and friendly. Teasing him playfully is also a good way to get him comfortable. Make a few compliments. If it’s not the first time you’re talking to him try thinking of cute nickname for him, that will stay only between the two of you.


Not only women love compliments, believe it or not, men love too! So if you think his smile is charming, tell him about it! If you like the way he’s wearing, let him know! However, don’t make too much compliments! It may make you seem a wee bit fake. I’m sure, you don’t want that, do you? Oh, yeah, there will be a problem with shy guys.


The first few times you meet him, try to stand close to him enough to create a sense of intimacy but not so close that he can smell your breath. After you start to get comfortable with each other, you can start with subtle physical contact. An accidental brush of the shoulder or fingers, a hug hello or a hug goodbye or briefly touching his arm or shoulder when he says something that makes you laugh. Just remember, he may be shy or not interested in you, so you should know when to stop.

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