What Does Your Sleeping Position Reveal About You And Your Relationship?

The way you sleep at night says a lot about who you are. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out exactly what your sleeping position says about your personality!

The way you sleep, like so many other personal habits, is a big indicator of certain personality traits. No two people sleep exactly alike, and this guide will give you some key insight as to what your personal sleeping position says about you!

Not only will this handy guide tell you what your preferred sleeping position means, it will also shed light on you and your partner’s relationship habits! Ever been curious to know what you and your significant other’s joint sleeping patterns reveal about your connection? Get ready to find out!
Fetal Position

Probably the most natural way to sleep, given that most of humanity spent 9 months in this position inside their mother’s womb. It is a position that projects an outward armor, while shielding a soft and compassionate side. It will take some effort to pry you open and make you relax completely.


Log Position

This position is a common choice to sleep in. It signals a friendly and outgoing personality, albeit one that may be susceptible to being taken for a ride. Keep your friends close!


Yearner Position

This position signifies a personality that is free and accessible but with a cynical streak. You don’t take it for granted that everyone is as nice as you. You take a while to arrive at decisions but when you do, they’re ironclad and unshakeable.


Soldier Position

This position, as the name implies, is one of great discipline and sacrifice. You have set expectations of yourself, and even others, that are higher than the average, and you strive to achieve and maintain them. Your personality is one of quiet service; reserved but assertive.


Freefall Position

This position means you get along with a great deal of people and you’re at home in a crowd. Unfortunately, you don’t take criticism very well, but your exuberance with others can quickly make amends.


Starfish Position

The starfish position means you value and respect the institution of true friendship. However, you don’t enjoy the limelight and prefer to fly under the radar much of the time.


Hugger Position

People often say pillow huggers are lonely and in need of love, but it actually means that you’re incredibly trustworthy. You tend to project your trusting nature onto others, leaving yourself open to hurt and disappointment, but your empathy and sincerity has won you many true friends.


Back Snorer

If you sleep in this position, you’re a no-nonsense individual and likely have a short temper. And while you may have a short fuse, you also don’t hesitate to protect the ones you love, and stand up for what you know is right.


Couples Positions: Liberty Position

This is a position mature couples often sleep in. It shows that there’s a deep, unshakable and trusted connection between the two of you that celebrates your individual identities within the relationship. You are both comfortable in your complimenting differences and strengths.


Cherish Position

This position is common among couples with a relationship that’s brand new, the passion of their fire strong and unyielding. The position shows a steadfast intimacy between the couple.


Spoon Position

Ladies love this position. The female finds a lot of safety and comfort in the crook of the male’s body. It shows that there is a lot of trust in the relationship.


Lovers Knot Position

This position goes beyond a physical entangling into an emotional connectivity in which the couple nurtures a beautiful intimacy with a healthy amount of independence.


Romantic Position

We’ve seen this position in a dozen romantic comedies. It is a favorite among new couples.


Pillow Talk Position

The pillow talk position involves face-to face, soft-spoken conversation. There is nothing like an intimate chat while staring into your partner’s eyes….even if they’re closed.


None of the Above

If in the event that you don’t have a position that you usually sleep in, and you find yourself tossing and turning in bed, it could mean you’re suffering from some anxiety. Be sure to steer clear of electronic devices while you’re getting ready for bed, and perhaps do a little bedtime yoga, or brew a cup of chamomile tea to help you ease into a restful sleep. You’re sure to discover a sleeping position that feels best.

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