Men Reveal the Secret Spots They Like to Be Touched While Kissing!

Making out can be so much fun, and it can be a perfect precursor to a night of extreme passion. You may think that you’re great at it, but according to dudes, you could be doing better. Your lips are just fine, but they’d love for you to take your hands on a trip around their body while you’re doing it. Blogger Rebecca Jane Stokes set out to find just where dudes couldn’t resist being touched when they were playing “tonsil hockey” with their lady. Their answers did not disappoint.


Being Appreciated

“The girl I was seeing last summer was the best kisser I have yet to meet. Don’t think it was because of her technique, but the way she stroked my face when we made out. As lame as it sounds but it made me feel appreciated and loved/liked more than any tongue action could.”


Beating Around the Bush

“That soft touch on the chest is awesome. Playing with hair, arms around neck, touch the cheek are all good. For hotter action, I’d like butt and a gentle stroke up my belly and to my waist and down to the hips. It’s like feeling your way around before going to the penis; foreplay.”


The Top Half

“Touching my face, running fingers through my hair, running your hands anywhere on my body but arms, shoulders and back are great… pulling me closer to you and even a light scratching on the back.”

The Back Scratch

“One of my girlfriends discovered the back scratch. She scratched just at the base of the spine, in the lumbar region, with light grazing scratches. Gave me goosebumps every time.”


Underneath Your Clothes

“Absolutely love when a girl runs her hands on my back under my shirt when kissing. That and just moving her hand on my stomach makes my whole body contract for some reason when I’m really in the mood.”


His Best Features

“I think it’s best to touch the places you like best on him. If you like his arms and shoulders, then run your hands over them. Everybody wants to feel sexy, and it comes through the most when you are appreciating him for what you like.”



“I love when a woman puts her hands and the back of my head and neck area and pulls me in. It makes me feel like she wants me real bad and I like that.”


Feel Me Up

“Everywhere. Just put your hands on me. Though I prefer when a girl runs her fingers up my arms to feel my torso and upper back.”



“I like having my arms/chest/back/a*s felt up. And if a girl runs her hands through my hair or plays with my ears, I melt.”


Touch That Butt

“Just … use your hands in general. Holding them in one spot is boring. Also. Please touch my butt.”



“Hand on the chest feels good. Men like to have their necks kissed, too.”

“Weirdly I love it when women fondle my beard when we kiss.”


Ears, Please

“I’m a weird guy, I like my ears fondled. The last girl that found that out took it to the next level.”


The Scalp

“I used to have long hair and her touching that was the best. Now I buzz my head and this is still the best.”


Like You Mean It

“My waist, put your hands in my hair and on my neck, kiss and bite my neck a little, butt, inner thigh.”

“Grab my face with both of your hands and kiss me like you mean it.”

“Just explore my body with your hands. There isn’t a magic spot.”


Down Below

“An a*s grab (if you really appreciate it) is always nice.”

Did you learn a thing or two about hand play?

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