Men Reveal the Real Reason They Cheat and It’s Not Looking Good for the Ladies!

Unfortunately this is something their girlfriends can’t fix.

The biggest question people have after they find out they were cheated on by the person who they thought loved them the most is “why?” How could the person you’re supposed to be loyal to deceive you like that? You may never feel like you have an answer, but hopefully we can give you some insight into the terrible situation. A new survey has revealed that men cheat for the most superficial reasons possible, sorry ladies!Men and women definitely cheat for different reasons

A World of Cheaters

Superdrug Online Doctor decided to conduct a survey in which 2,000 men and women from America and Europe were asked about their cheating habits. The results were sad and shocking, but one must remember that people get cheated on every single day. They may never find out what their partner has been up to.


How It Begins

In our fast-paced world of effortless communication, cheating seems like it could happen far easier than ever before. Almost every citizen in the world is at your fingertips at all times.

According to the survey, cheaters are most likely to find their affair partners close to home. About 40.6% of women and 32.9% of men said the person they cheated with was a close friend. Only 7.1% of women and 7.3% of men said they found an affair partner on social media.


Keep It Secret

It seems like the cheaters were able to remain pretty tight-lipped about what they were doing because over half of the participants said that their partners never found out. Only 10-21% of respondents said they were caught cheating; more people told their partners what was going on.

So why would these people do this to the people who love them? The answer may surprise you…


The Reason

European and American women listed “my partner stopped paying attention to me” as their top reason. Both European and American men claimed they cheat because “the other person was really hot.” They also said that just receiving sexually-charged attention from people was enough to make them want to cheat.


Full of Regret

Over half of all of the participants said that they regretted their decision to cheat; 71% of Americans said that they shouldn’t have done what they did; they were the least likely to have two or more affairs in the lifetime.

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