The Man Who Decided To Become An Elf Has Finally Revealed His Transformation

In a day and age where plastic surgery is so easily available to so many, it’s understandable that people are able to become whatever they wish to be.

We all have different ideas about beauty and what it looks like, so when you add plastic surgery to the mix, it becomes easier for people to transform themselves into their own idea of a beautiful person.

It’s pretty incredible that this advancement is avaible to so many. However, there are a few people who push it too far.

These people tend to come out of the operating room looking more like a cartoon character than an actual human being.

It obviously goes without saying that it’s your money and your body. You have the right to do whatever you want with it, but don’t be shocked if some people find it hard to believe what you’ve turned yourself into.



One of these people who have completely transformed themselves into something different is Luis Padron.

Luis is a 25 year old from Argentina.

He has an incredible passion for fantasy and make believe which has been the main inspiration for his multiple plastic surgeries.

Luis has undergone numerous plastic surgeries so he could achieve his dream look and become an elf.



Luis knew that he wanted to express his love of fantasy books and movies in a permanent way.

His strong love of fantasy comes from his childhood, where he was viciously bullied constantly.


Despite this being a big commitment, Luis decided that he would undertake a series of plastic surgeries to transform himself into a “fairy elf”.


According to a close source to the 25 year old, Luis wasn’t even certain that all the surgeries would leave him with the appearance of an elf.

The first set of surgeries included Botox injections,a skin-lightening procedure, jaw and cheek thinning operations, and the removal of all of the moles on his body.

He’s also set to have a procedure which will change the colour of his irises. Now that’s a big commitment.


Unsurprisingly, all these surgeries are costing Luis a pretty penny.

It’s reported that he’s spending $5,000 a month on the work. But he’s insisted that the end result will be worth it.


“I want to be an elf, an angel, a fantasy. My goal is not to look like a man. I want to look elegant. I have my own beauty ideals and I want to be as close as possible, no matter what it costs.”


While some people view his transformation into an else as an extreme method of self-expression, Luis isn’t alone.

He’s not the only person in the world who wants to go to extremem measures to make themselves look a certain way.

It obviously goes without saying that spending so much money on procedures that can carry a risk to our health is a risky pursuit. So maybe think about it for a while before going under the knife?


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