She Let Her Best Friend Sleep With Her Boyfriend And Bragged About It!

Ladies, can we ask you a question? How open would you be to letting your man sleep around? Does it sound like something you would be okay with? Yes? No? Definitely not?

What if the girl in question he was fooling around with wasn’t just some random stranger, but happened to be your best friend? How might that change things?

If you don’t think you’d be okay with letting your man sleep with another woman, let alone your best friend, then it’s time for you to meet these two ladies.

They recently uploaded a video to Youtube explaining that they’ve both slept with the same man, and are quite proud of themselves.

Best Of Friends

However, now that they’ve announced that they like to get down and dirty with each other, some questions have been raised. Are they now more than just friends?


They’re Inseparable

These two are inseparable. They love to do absolutely everything together. Even have sex, as it seems!


Lena and Emily

These two girls’ names are Lena and Emily. They are famous on Youtube, and live in Los Angeles together.


Love At First Sight

These two girl apparently fell in love with each other at first sight. They knew from that moment that they were going to be bffs. And maybe more!


Their First Time Together

Their first time together came when they both went to party at a rapper’s house. One thing led to another, and they ended up both getting in a threesome with the rapper.


Their Second Time

Their second time together was much later. Lena started to date a Youtuber, Adam, and when Emily heard about it she made up her mind. She wanted to share him.


Every Man’s Fantasy

Can you imagine how awesome it would have been to have sex with both of them? It’s every man’s fantasy…


Youtube Stunt?

Many people are asking themselves whether this was just a big stunt to try and get more views. That might be the case.


The Full Video

Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the full video, posted here. In the video, they confess what it’s like to share a man…

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