What Does Your Heart Line Say About Your Love Life?

Palmistry is an ancient tradition that has been used to predict the outcomes of various life circumstances for centuries.

One of the most prominent lines of the palm in palmistry is the heart line. Do you know how to locate yours? We’ll not only show you how to locate your heart line, but how to interpret it.

Your heart line may have more to say about you and your love life than you realize!

1. If your heart line goes straight to your middle finger.

First, locate your heart line.

It’s the line that extends from just under your pinky finger in an upward curve toward your other fingers. Dependent on where the end of that line falls determines what your love life has in store.

If your heart line heads straight for your middle finger, this indicates that you are an ambitious and independent individual. You are able to make quick and accurate judgments. You must use these qualities to improve communication in your love life.


2. If your heart line ends between index and middle finger.

You are considerate, kind and trustworthy with people. You are horizontal to getting too emotionally involved, and it’s important to know when to keep off daydreaming.


3. If your heart line goes straight to index finger.

You are satisfied and confident in your love life. Despite if you’re single or in a relationship, you’re happy either way


4. If your heart line goes on to meet line of head.

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