A Cheating Boyfriend Got Dumped By 11-year-old Girlfriend!

We have seen love-stories of all kind. When I see other people and when I write about them, I get to see the strangest things. However, nothing has made me laugh and go ‘awwwh’ at the same time. A 11-year-old girl dumped her boyfriend because he cheated on her. Love exists at all ages, but breakups at such ages are extremely adorable. I don’t mean to make fun of the kids or their love, but the way that breakup shaped, it made me laugh out loud.

Madi Nickens, a teenager living in Texas, found out that her 11-year-old sister had broken up with her boyfriend. When she secretly discovered the conversation, she posted it on her Twitter and immediately received a lot of retweets and favourites. Also remember that you will find an amazing way to breakup with a person in the end.


The younger Nickens discovered that her boyfriend Joey had gone to a park with Natalie. The little one was not very happy with this and her insecurity forced her to confront him and to share her actual feelings with him. (typical women, no?) Now apparently, Joey had done this twice before and the little one had given her chances twice to learn from his mistakes and he didn’t. (typical boys, no?) She even claimed that for a moment she believed that he was actually in love with her. the drama involved in this story of 11-year-olds will make you laugh a little. At that age when we were very naive, we never had anything but our crayons to play with. However, kids these days are playing around, getting into relationships and breaking up at such ages.

However, Joey claimed that he was only ‘hangin’ with her, yet he apologized. The next message asked him to stay away from her in ‘middle school’ and that she did not even love him. However, he was very calm and claimed that he is good with this but that girl sure did love her because she got her Starbucks. Obviously, Starbucks is the measure of love these days! (pun intended) Gone are the days when love was measured in how much we valued each other or how much we really cared about one another. Nowadays, it is all about whether you get them Starbucks or not. We could laugh it off, but the truth is that this is how our relationships are these days now. The materialistic things have more importance nowadays.


The girl then claimed that the guy was not even on her level and that they were over for real ‘this time’. However, the best way to breakup has been revealed by the little girl. If you are having trouble breaking up with your girlfriend or boyfriend, you can always use this line: “ding ding ding oh what was that oh yeah the elevator cause [you’re] not on my level.” The little girl was probably so heartbroken over what the boy did with her, that she openly told him that they were both never on the same level.

Madi revealed that her little sister also enjoys playing volleyball. As if hitting boys hard isn’t all that the little one does. Things like these really make one ponder over how technology has influenced our lives. With advancement, our relationships are becoming more technology-influenced. Relationships begin and end over messengers and online conversations. Raw emotions and feelings are common amongst people of all ages now and 11-year-olds are learning from their elders. Are we becoming more emotionless or is the exposure of such things to such little ones making us better grown-ups?


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