The Absolute Trashiest Snapchats Ever to Be Sent!

That’s pretty bad

Now that social media has been around for a decade or so, we’re starting to see the differences between certain services. You go to Facebook to get your news stories. You head to Twitter to rant about said news in just a few words. You go to Instagram to take sophisticated selfies that make you look like a rock star. And, you go to Snapchat to take your dirtiest, funniest, and trashiest photos hoping that the people you’re sending them to won’t screenshot it and share it on another social media outlet. Well, if it’s bad enough, you’ll probably see it on a site like this.

See the snaps for yourself!

A Little Burned

Well, as long as he doesn’t care how trashy he is, he won’t mind us getting a good laugh at his extremely bad sunburn. He probably won’t be smiling tomorrow.

Not the Mama

Yeah, I would definitely concur… most people don’t post their negative pregnancy tests to social media. Hopefully she’ll think to use protection next time.


All the Cats

I fully believe that this woman is not making a joke; she really loves cats, and she probably wears cat shirts all day and all night. The only people seeing them are her cats. And us.


Teen Mom

I could say something mean, like this is exactly how she got into this mess in the first place, but I’ll try to say something positive… like at least her dates know she’s got a kid beforehand.


Toilet Selfies

Not only is this not an attractive angle for her, her face could use some work, and she probably shouldn’t be showing off her toilet time. Unless this is some kind of art.


Weird Fun

This photo gives me incredible anxiety. I’m wondering how it’s going to feel when that big balloon pops right in her mouth. I’m foreseeing a bleeding lip.


No Thanks

It would kind of be funny if he said that he was getting a trim, but he’s gone into the territory of asking for a trim… which is definitely not going to get him a date.


Wreck Ball

I do love a good jibe, and this guy is totally nailing Miley’s look when she came in like a wrecking ball. At least he’s not afraid to show off his good enough body.


That Thing

It’s a normal, unspectacular photo at first. Then you see this little thing on the counter that gives away her dirty little secret. Well, that big thing on the counter.


Cat Bath

I think that this guy totally nailed it. He’s figured out the formula to appeal to young ladies who love cats. He’s showing off his body, not in a creepy way, and showing that he cares.


Night out

I’m not saying that the man can’t dress however he wants to. I’m just saying that according to basic fashion rules, he’s breaking every single one of them.


All the Drugs

Girlfriends are for love, companionship, fun, and romance. They are not for doing drugs off of. That’s if he’s actually doing illicit substances and not just sniffing sugar.



This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen parents go a little crazy on their kid’s social media. This mom just had to give us a flash while her daughter innocently did her ablutions.


Suspicious Feet

So she didn’t seem to know if this person was sick or performing fellatio. I would say that she is quite ill because of the bare feet. Drunk ladies will often toss off their heels when they become unstable.


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