6 Ways Men Destroy Their Sperm Every Day!

Yikes! Better keep on the lookout for these factors, gents!

When it comes to fertility issues, all too often women are blamed for the problem. But recent studies shed light on an entirely new story. Much of the fertility problems experienced by couples may have a lot more to do with the man than with the woman. And in almost every instance, these fertility issues stem from poor lifestyle choices on behalf of the man.

Let’s find out what some of these influencing factors are.


This is a major contributing factor to male infertility, but many men don’t know much about it. BPA – Bisphenol A, is a compound found in many plastic bottles, which pervade our modern life at every turn.

A report published in the journal PLOS Genetics says that BPA acts as an endocrine disruptor, thereby damaging your sperm count.


#1 Putting your cellphone in your pocket

The vibrations and radiations coming out of a guy’s cell phone can decrease the sperm count by 9 percent. So, you better keep your phone in your back pocket or buy a case to keep it in if you have plans of becoming a father some day.


#2 Spending time in high temperatures

Your testicles prefer a temperature 4 degrees cooler than body temperature to produce sperm. If you are frequently exposed to very high temperatures, your sperm count is going to decrease.


#3 Being overweight

Male fertility is decreased in cases of obesity.


#4 If you are a smoker

Smoking can turn you impotent by reducing blood flow and constricting blood vessels.


#5 Stress

Fatigue is directly associated with degrading the quality of your sperm. Your overall health and state of mind define the quality of your sperm.


#6 Consuming alcohol

Men drinking as many as five drinks a day are highly at risk of damaging their sperm quality

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