15 Of The Weirdest, Creepiest, Most Hilarious Bathrooms In Existence!

Who is responsible for these?!

A bathroom is a fairly innocuous part of your living space, right? I mean, it’s got a toilet, and a sink…sometimes a tub or shower. Big deal, right?

Well, apparently a few creative designers wanted to amp up the traditional bathroom into something a little more…interesting.

#1 – Paranoid Much?

Ladies…would you ever be able to use a toilet like this one? I mean…talk about paranoia! There’s such an inherent creep factor to this one, I think I’d rather hold it indefinitely than have to use a bathroom like this!#2 – Paranoid 2?

It would take me an hour to produce a drop.#3 – AwI

isn’t this romantic? You can hold hands or play “go fish” throughout the process.


#4 – Oops

I’m not quite sure this is a bathroom in the classical conception of the word…

#5 – Feeling Suicidal?

Here’s a bathroom for you!


#6 – Close Buddies

If you weren’t close before, you will be now. I promise.


#7 – What?

This surpasses my ability of describing.


#8 – The Throne

Fit for a dirty king.


#9 – As For Me…

I would have chosen the one on the right.


#10 – Modern Times

You get things done real fast.


#11 – The Bright Side

You can get toilet paper without opening the door!


#12 – Genius

There was a lot of thinking involved in this bathroom plan.


#13 – Fail?

Not necessarily. Some people take a long time, you don’t want to make your guests feel left out!


#14 – No Toilet Paper?

There! You won’t complain any more.


#15 – Well…

Not exactly my definition of privacy.

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