13 Photos Of Beloved Cartoons Ready To Completely Destroy Your Childhood

Alright, are you ready to have your childhood ruined? We’re here to show you 13 photos of some of the most popular and beloved childhood cartoons. Except the characters involved seem to be engaged in something far less PG-13 than the networks would have us believe.

It’s all in good fun, of course, and perhaps we just caught these characters in the wrong place at the wrong time. But then again…


#1. The Placement Of This Crane In The Transformers.

It’s beyond us why this crane had to be placed just so in this Transformers shot. There’s really not a lot more than can be said about it, besides the fact that we all know exactly what this looks like, even if no one wants to say it out loud.

We just hope the kids haven’t caught on yet.


#2. Tom Covers Jerry In Frosting.


#3. When The Fish Did This To The Magic School Bus.


#4. Angelica Brushed Her Teeth On The Rugrats.


#5. Donald Duck Needed Some Help Fitting In That Hole.


#6. Jerry Doing Something To Tom.


#7. When The Teletubbies Were Blowing Up Balloons.


#8. When Heffer Had An Itch Down There On Rocko’s Modern Life.


#9. What Was Spongebob Blowing Up?


#10. The Mice Were Collecting Beads In Cinderella.


#11. The Map Shows Kid’s Standing In A Peculiar Way In Harry Potter.


#12. Something Was Under Donald Duck’s Sheets.


#13. When Lickitung Is Seen Like This With Jesse On Pokémon.

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