10 Sex Positions Women Enjoy Each And Every Time!

Fellas…want to learn a thing or two? Try any of these positions to bring her maximum pleasure!

Alright gents, listen up. Because we’ve got a few secrets to share you definitely won’t wanna miss.

Pleasure in the bedroom is all about the shared experience. And what better way to show her you care than to make sure she’s entirely taken care of (if you know what we mean)?

Some positions definitely work better than others, and if you want to ensure your lady has an amazing experience, you’ve gotta try one of these 10 positions.

1.Edge of the Bed

Tried and true, this one is guaranteed to get her off, and the best part? It’s going to feel amazing for you too.

The angle of her hips will encourage deep penetration, which will help stimulate her G spot.

Here’s how to do it: have her lie down on her back, while you stand at the end of the bed. Then, slide her hips down till her buttocks are resting against your thighs. She can brace her feet against your chest, over your arms, or against your shoulders.2. C.A.T.

The Coital Alignment Technique or CAT is penetrative sex position designed to stimulate the clitoris. It is a modification of missionary position where the woman has her legs together and the man has his apart. The man then uses his legs to move his entire body. When done correctly this position should move the woman’s mons Venus (the fatty tissue covering the pubic bones) over the shaft of her erectile tissue, which lies under the skin. In this position, a man will only be able to penetrate about an inch or so inside the vagina but not to worry, Caust says men still get plenty of satisfying sensation. ‘Even though [men] are more used to being able to thrust inside completely, they’re feeling her thighs everywhere,’ she says. ‘So he is getting complete stimulation anyway.’3. The Amazon

Right away, know that this position requires some added effort and flexibility — but it pays off for the woman by offering lots of control. To get into Amazon position, the man lies on his back and brings his knees to his chest. The woman then squats down onto him, with his legs wrapping over hers. Variations of this position include reversing the woman’s position or having her kneel over her partner.4.The Sunday Afternoon

The ease of this position inspires its pleasant name, and it’s another great choice for full access to the clitoris. This position is a variation on an ‘X’ position, like scissors. Specifically, the man lies on his side and the woman lies on her back. She puts one leg over his hip and the other can wrapped around his lower leg to pull him in close.5.Pirate’s Bounty

This is for couples looking for something outside the norm. It allows for both deep insertion and total clitoral stimulation, so it’s a big win-win. To get in this position, the woman lies down on her back and the man kneels. She places one leg on her partner’s shoulder and the other around his thigh. Some added cushioning for the woman, like a pillow, can make the experience even better.6. Mastery (Kneeling)

This version of woman-on-top doesn’t ask for much physical effort from either partner but gives her control and him access to her clitoris and breasts. The man and woman face each other in this position, with him seated and her in his lap, kneeling with her legs outside his. This position allows for a lot of variety as couples can choose to cuddle close or lean away for new sensations.7. Doggy Style

Doggy style needs no introduction, and, really, any variation on the enter-from-behind position can be a top choice for making a woman feel amazing. Again, this position gives her some control over the pacing and allows for easy clitoral stimulation with either partner’s hands.8. Scissors

This position can be a challenge to explain clearly but it’s actually quite simple. The woman lies on her back and her partner enters her from the side. This allows her to have her clitoris up against his top leg.9. Cowgirl

Men already love this position because it offers quite the view — and the minimal effort is sometimes a welcome reprieve. Women are fans as well because it allows them to control the speed, depth, and angle of penetration while also making manual stimulation of the clitoris easy for either partner.10. Her Favorite

If you want to find out what position your partner likes most, ask her. Even if she isn’t certain what exactly works for her, she at least has some idea of the types of sex that turn her on. ‘For some women, pleasure comes from face-to-face, looking at each other and saying beautiful things while kissing,’ says Caust. ‘And for other women, it comes from effective erotic touching.’

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